With passion, we create a complex of five buildings
teeming with unique energy.
The energy for you, your work and your ideas for leisure.
This is the future that will revive the heart of Krakow. High5ive!

Five office buildings
with service
and urban areas

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for everyone!

Open air co-working? Relax on the lawn? Summer cinema?
And perhaps a concert, a dinner or shopping?
High5ive is also a nice, socially friendly
urban area delivering dynamic exchange
between professional and private life.

Poola @poola

After work, I do shopping at work

#shopping #newscarf #fashion #myH5

How much I do love shopping! I can browse around the shops for hours. And now it is enough I go downstairs to start shopping.

Megi @megi

Do I look like I was at work?

#whydoIneedholidays #relax #Ifeelup #nature

I am lying comfortably on the grass, blue sky above me. I close my eyes, I am dreaming. Holidays? No, I am just having a break at work.

Burferofob @burferofob

Ready for hunger

#ilovefood #goodie #Iwantmore

I like fried, stewed, raw, fresh, exotic, Japanese, Italian, sweet, spicy...I do love diving into menu! Fortunately I have a bar round the corner.

Marek 89 @marek89

A team of leaders at work

#teamH5 #lunchtime #energy #happyMonday

It is not all about work. That is why it is nice to take crossfit outdoors or climb the wall.

ladyoffice @ladyoffice

This is what serious office workers look like

#summercinema #carelessness #h5rulez #fun

We had a brainstorm today. Presentation for customers - a task for sure, but what film to see is even more of a challenge. A hot romance will do. It is a summer theatre after all.

Energy from
the city heart

High5ive is located
in the very center of Krakow

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Work requires unlimited energy that is why in High5ive
office areas are full of functional and original space.
It can be arranged in various ways according to needs
and preferences of employees.
Innovative technological solutions facilitate daily duties.
We know well that comfort of work translates always to quality.

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